Luckey Farms’ Products

At Luckey Farms, we exclusively grow 100% organic cannabis, both indoor and outdoor, using no chemicals and no additives. During harvest, our high-quality cannabis is treated solely by clean and natural processes.

If you are seeking alternative ingestion methods, Luckey Farms also provides it’s patrons with recreational-grade desserts and treats. Anything from chocolate to gummies. Let us know if you’re seeking an edible that isn’t listed and we’ll see what one of our talented chefs can create for you!



We only harvest the highest quality buds from our production. No chemicals, no additives. Simply quality, organic cannabis.



Let us do the busy work for you! We offer packs of seven pre-rolled joints featuring all of our premium indica and sativa strains.



Want to represent? We have a variety of hats and sweatshirts for you to choose from. Your support will help us keep the ball rolling.


Distributer Information:

If you are a licensed distributer and/or dispensary interested in doing business with us, or simply have a question or comment, please click on the “Contact Us” tab located on the right of this page →

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